~DRINK of the WEEK~

take five

 gin, pear liqueur, bonal, lemon, orange flower water





loch ness–  smoky & blended scotches, apple cider, amaro, lemon, cinnamon bitters  (served on the rocks )

sloe ride–   sloe gin, lime, pineapple gum, cappolletti bitter, prosecco  (served on the rocks)

tally ho–   gin, ginger, lime, honey, chartreuse (served on crushed ice)

third rail–   bourbon, lillet, honey, lemon, orange bitters (served up )

evil twin–   mezcal, grapefruit, lemon, aperol, habanero tincture, celery bitters (served up )

green arrow–  vodka, mint, lime, clove, seltzer  (served tall rocks )

voodoo child–   rum, sherry, cara cara orange, lime, allspice, orgeat, hibiscus (served on crushed ice)

blood money–   tequila, blood orange, vanilla, lime, cinnamon bitters (served on the rocks)

BOOZY DRINKS   $12 – $14

bone machine –   bourbon, oloroso sherry, amaro, bitters  (served on a big cube )

leviathan–  bourbon, over-proof rum, amaro, cinnamon, bitters (served in a rocks glass, no ice)

mad hatter–  rye, vermouth, maraschino, bruto americano, bitters  (served up)

argyle –   smoky and blended scotches, apricot and walnut liqueurs  (served on a big cube )

mt. tam–  gin, quinquina, vermouth, gran classic bitter (served up)

midnight rose–  gin, manzanilla sherry, cocchi americano, violet, yuzu  (served up)

el abuelo–  tequila, mezcal, cynar, agave, chocolate-habanero bitters   (served on a big cube)

diplomat–  rum, madeira, walnut, bitters   (served on a big cube)


Blue Star Wheat– North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg, CA    $7

Sculpin IPA–  Ballast Point Brewing, San Diego, CA    $7

Roast of the Town – Harmonic Brewing, San Francisco, CA    $7

Kolsch– Fort Point Beer, San Francisco,  CA    $7


Hamm’s (can) – Hamm’s Brewing, Wisconsin  $3

Session Lager – Full Sail Brewery, Oregon  $4

White Ale – Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, ME  $6

1500 Pale Ale – Drake’s Brewing Co., San Leandro, CA  $5

Le Merle – North Coast Brewing, Ft. Bragg, CA  $8

Porter – Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA  $5

Steam– Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA  $5



zin blend– Marietta Winery, Mendocino, CA    $10

rose vinho verde– Portugal Ramos Vinhos, Portugal    $10

sauvignon blanc – Edna Valley, Cenral Coast, CA   $10

prosecco – Giavi, Italy    $11


N/A Cocktail (dealer’s choice)  $6

Ginger Beer  $4

Root Beer  $4

Coke  $4

Diet Coke  $4

Santa Lucia sparkling water  $4