~Drink of the Week~

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suntory toki whiskey, houjicha tea, taki kokuto, plum vinegar, sake




lighthouse–  rum, white guava, orgeat, ancho reyes, lime juice   (served on crushed ice)

solstice– vodka, aperol, pomegranate, lime, prosecco (served on the rocks)

catapult–   tequila, blood orange, crème de cacao, cynar, lime   (served on the rocks)

third rail– bourbon, lillet, lemon, honey, orange bitters (served up )

comeback–   mezcal, genepy, poppy amaro, lemon (served up )

katana–  gin, genmaicha tea, chartreuse, lemon, egg white, seltzer  (served on the rocks)

scottish fizz–   scotch, ginger, amaro, apple, lemon, egg white, seltzer (served on the rocks)

the raven – scotch, punt e mes, allspice dram, walnut bitters (served on a big cube)

spice road– rum, madeira, clove, saffron, cardamom (served on a big cube)

goodbye horses –   gin, dry vermouth, genepy, pear  (served on a big cube)

nighthawks at the diner–  bourbon, applejack, oloroso sherry, pepper, maple, smoky scotch (served on a big cube)

inquisitor–  mezcal, bonal, bruto americano, amaro, habanero tincture  (served up)

anvil–  rye, brandy, dry vermouth, maraschino, benedictine, bitters  (served up)

Many of our older drinks are still available. Just ask for a menu!


Red Seal Pale Ale– North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg, CA    $7

IPA (rotating style)–  Harmonic Brewing, San Francisco, CA    $8

Porter– Standard Deviant Brewing, San Francisco, CA    $8

KSA Kolsch– Fort Point Beer, San Francisco,  CA    $7


Brightcider (can) – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Corvallis, OR  $7

Sea Quench Sour (can) – Dogfish Head, Milton, DE  $6

Hamm’s (can) – Hamm’s Brewing, Wisconsin  $3

California Lager (can) – Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA  $5

Hazy IPA (can) – Almanac Brewing, San Francisco, CA  $8

Scrimshaw Pilsner – North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg, CA  $5

White Ale – Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, ME  $6





zin blend– Marietta Winery, Mendocino, CA    $10

grenache rose  Arrumaco, Spain    $10

sauvignon blanc – Starborough, New Zealand  $10

prosecco – Zardetto, Italy    $11


N/A Cocktail (dealer’s choice)  $6

Ginger Beer  $4

Root Beer  $4

Coke  $4

Diet Coke  $4

Santa Lucia sparkling water  $4