~DRINK of the MONTH~

winter pimm’s cup

pimm’s, bourbon, cucumber, lemon, ginger, honey, seltzer





cutthroat–  tequila, blood orange, lime, crème de cacao, ancho chili, chocolate bitters   (served on the rocks )

vixen– vodka, vanilla, amaro, orange, lemon (served on crushed ice)

dogpatch swizzle–   rum, over-proof rum, yellow chartreuse, pineapple gum, lime   (served on crushed ice)

comeback–   mezcal, genepy, poppy amaro, lemon (served up )

godzilla–  sea gin, sesame, manzanilla sherry, lime, elderflower, egg white  (served up )

scottish fizz–   scotch, ginger, amaro, apple, lemon, egg white, seltzer (served on the rocks)

double date–  date-infused rye, tennessee whiskey, punt e mes, cardamaro, cinnamon bitters (served up)

goodbye horses –   gin, dry vermouth, genepy, pear  (served on a big cube)

nighthawks at the diner–  bourbon, applejack, oloroso sherry, pepper, maple, smoky scotch (served on a big cube)

dark passage–  mezcal, coffee liqueur, quinquina, saffron-cardamom bitters  (served on a big cube)

midnight marauder–   rum, bonal, cynar, pamplemousse, bitters  (served on a big cube )

anvil–  bourbon, brandy, dry vermouth, maraschino, benedictine, bitters  (served up)

Many of our older drinks are still available. Just ask for a menu!


Blue Star Wheat– North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg, CA    $7

Sculpin IPA–  Ballast Point Brewing, San Diego, CA    $8

Evil Goat Bock– Harmonic Brewing, San Francisco, CA    $8

Kolsch– Fort Point Beer, San Francisco,  CA    $7


Golden State Cider (can)– Sebastopole, CA  $6

Sea Quench Sour (can)– Dogfish Head, Milton, DE  $6

Hamm’s (can) – Hamm’s Brewing, Wisconsin  $3

California Lager (can)Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA  $5

White Ale – Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, ME  $6

1500 Pale Ale – Drake’s Brewing Co., San Leandro, CA  $5

Le Merle – North Coast Brewing, Ft. Bragg, CA  $8

Porter – Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA  $5




zin blend– Marietta Winery, Mendocino, CA    $10

grenache rose  Arrumaco, Spain    $10

sauvignon blanc – Starborough, New Zealand  $10

prosecco – Giavi, Italy    $11


N/A Cocktail (dealer’s choice)  $6

Ginger Beer  $4

Root Beer  $4

Coke  $4

Diet Coke  $4

Santa Lucia sparkling water  $4